Custom Embossed Rings

The Top-Notch Source For Affordable, Durable And Stylish Looking Personalized Jewelry
Our Stainless Steel Rings are made of ultra-high quality lifetime 100% surgical 316 stainless steel,
and DO NOT Rust, Tarnish, or Discolor the skin.

Symbol Codes To Use When Ordering Rings

Heart: H-1 Fish: F-1 Cross: C-1
Shamrock: S-1 Peace Sign: P-1 Smiley Face: S-2
Medical Alert: M-1 Slash: S-3 Dash: D-1
Asterisk: A-2 Dot (Center): D-2 Ampersand (And Sign): A-1
Star (Regular): S-5 Lightning Bolt: L-1 Star of David: S-6

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